No Man’s Sky received a huge multiplayer update earlier this year in No Man’s Sky NEXT, but Hello Games isn’t finished with the 2016 space game yet. This week they released The Abyss, the latest free content update to No Man’s Sky. Watch the lengthy 6-minute gameplay trailer above.

The Abyss adds an all new aquatic layer to alien planets. Exploring beneath the waves was always available, but the Abyss adds way more ocean content, as well as a new story line, submersible vehicles, base-building, and sunken treasures to find. Subnautica anyone?

The new storyline is called Dreams of the Deep. The missions are designed to get players to explore the seafloor, such as rescuing someone trapped within underwater ruins, or a stranded crew whose ship crashed into a large ocean.

To aid your aquatic exploration, you can now craft a submarine vehicle called the Nautilon. Its customizable and can summoned to any ocean and docked at underwater buildings. Over a dozen new building parts have been added to build rest stops underwater. You’ll have to unlock these new building plants but they offer protection from the crushing depths of the ocean, and an aquarium to store any found sea life. Sea life has been greatly expanded and should be encountered much more frequently, including unique monstrosities who prowl the deep ocean floor.

No Man’s Sky is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It originally launched in 2016 and surrounded by controversy. In the months and years since, Hello Games has released significant content updates and patches. The Abyss is the fifth such update. No Man’s Sky is rated T for Teen.

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