There aren’t very many MMOs without ‘Warcraft’ in the title that can celebrate a 10th year anniversary. The PC-only, kid-friendly MMO Wizard101 is turning 10 on September 2 and finally coming to Steam. A specific launch date has not yet been announced.

In Wizard101 players play as, you guessed it, wizards! Young wizards attending a school of magic, naturally. Learn spells, explore the fantasy world, and battle enemies using the collectible card game battle system. The aging MMO includes the usual assortment of social activities, including fishing, decorating, crafting, and pet training, as well as leaderboards and ranked tournaments for PvP.

The MMO is noteworthy for being kid-friendly. Parental control settings let parents set chat limitations to pre-selected phrases, and player names are selected from a pre-generated names list. You can read more about KingsIsle Entertainment’s parental controls and safety tips here.

Wizards101’s base game is free to play and supported with microtransactions (Crowns) as well as membership plans that open up more of the game and adds in-game benefits and goodies. Crowns let you pick and choose the content you want, while a monthly or annual membership grants everything.

Note that while Steam players play on the same servers as the original Wizard101 client, anyone playing through Steam will need to create a new account. None of the characters, Crowns, or memberships are transferable. The original client will still be available and you can even have both installed on your PC at the same time, since Steam uses its own folders for games.

Wizard101 is rated E10+.

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