Nintendo has unveiled the next Nintendo Labo construction kit. The Vehicle Kit includes cardboard material to build your own plane, car, and submarine, using the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit launches September 14 with an MSRP of $69.99.

The Vehicle Kit comes bundled with instructions and cardboard materials to build a Toy-Con steering wheel (complete with gear shift and pull cord ignition), Toy-Con Pedal, Toy-Con flight stick, Toy-Con Key, and Toy-Con Submarine console.

The Toy-Con Key houses the Joy-Con, and can be inserted into the stick, wheel, and submarine console to “power” each project. Inserting the key into different vehicles lets you swap between them on the fly.

The Vehicle Kit, like other Labo kits, includes its own Switch software designed for the vehicle projects. In this case, land, sea, and air adventures. It also includes the Toy-Con Garage, letting players experiment and design their own creations using the included materials, as well as household items.

“Nintendo Labo is a collaborative and creative experience designed to encourage imagination in people of all ages,” said Doug Bowser, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo. “We’re excited to offer a variety of fun gameplay experiences with Vehicle Kit, and look forward to seeing the creative Nintendo Labo community continue to grow.”

Nintendo Labo requires Nintendo Switch to operate and function. The software is rated E for Everyone. Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit is out September 14.

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