With Monster Hunter: World becoming Capcom’s fast-selling game in company history, it should come as no surprise that Square Enix is leveraging the Monster Hunter brand within their other popular series, Final Fantasy. Square Enix first teased the crossover during E3 2018, and has now confirmed that Final Fantasy 14 will see Monster Hunter content added with Patch 4.36, on August 7.

Watch the new trailer above.

After the patch hits, level 70 players who have completed the Stormblood quest line may take on a Rathalos, the signature dragon-monster from the Monster Hunter series. “The Great Hunt” trial will include a normal eight-player quest as well as an Extreme version limited to four players. The trial will also feature “numerous unique mechanics” drawn directly from Monster Hunter: World’s gameplay.

Playing during the crossover can earn unique Monster Hunter rewards, including a Rathalos-inspired armor set, poogie and palico minions, and even a Rathalos mount.

Final Fantasy 14 originally launched in 2010 and was basically a disaster. It received a much more favorable reboot in 2013. Stormblood, the second expansion, was released last summer.

A free trial for the MMO is available, though you’re limited to level 35 before purchasing the full game. Purchasing grants 30 days of play time, after which a monthly subscription must be purchased. The PlayStation 4 version does not require PlayStation Plus.

The Monster Hunter event begins August 7. August will also see the arrival of Monster Hunter: World for the PC, on August 9.

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