Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Coming to Switch this Fall

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Monster Hunter fans and Switch owners got some good news today, though perhaps not the news they were hoping for. Capcom has announced Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch on August 28.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is an enhanced version of Monster Hunter Generations, which released on Nintendo 3DS in North America in 2016. The Ultimate edition features more challenging “G” rank quests, with more powerful versions of monsters.

Up to four players can join in hunts together in local and online co-op. Players take on the roles of powerful hunters as they craft weapons and armor from scavenging, foraging, and defeating increasingly more dangerous foes. Generations features four villages, each under assault from deadly monsters, as well as a new Elder Dragon.

Monster Hunter Generations added super moves called Hunter Arts and six different Hunting Styles that reward specific play styles.

The Monster Hunter series has been confined to handhelds for nearly 10 years in the US, until Monster Hunter World released earlier this year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That game is really, really good, but technical limitations prevent it from coming to the Switch. Instead Switch users are getting an enhanced version of the latest 3DS Monster Hunter. Generally each new Monster Hunter game has been received warmly by fans and critics.

A demo of the game will be playable at Capcom’s booth at E3 2018, which takes place in June. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch on August 28.

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