Today Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released the first gameplay trailer for LEGO The Incredibles, which is out July 15.

The video shows a montage of action from both The Incredibles and the upcoming sequel The Incredibles 2. As with previous LEGO games, players will use characters’ unique powers to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. The Parr family have all classic superpowers inspired from the Silver Age, such as super speed and elasticity. Elastigirl can stretch her body to form bridges for her family, while Violet’s force fields can disable laser grids.

Players will take the Parr family on a journey through both films as they discover the power of family teamwork. Side missions will include super villains trying to take control of city districts in the open-world hub city of Municiberg.

The full roster of playable characters hasn’t been revealed. So far only the family and their friend Frozone have been shown in the trailer. This isn’t exactly The Avengers. However, players will be able to customize their characters via Edna E. Mode, the memorable fashion designer of super hero outfits.

LEGO The Incredibles will launch July 15 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. That same day will see the highly anticipated film sequel, The Incredibles 2, arrive in theaters.

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