Publisher 11 Bit Studios and developer Digital Sun have announced a release date for their top-down Zelda-like RPG, Moonlighter. It’s headed to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on May 29. It will be available in digital stores as well as retail through a partnership with Merge Games.

Moonlighter has also been announced for the Nintendo Switch, though we’ve yet to see an official release date announcement.

Moonlighter is best described as one part 2D, top-down rogue-like Zelda, and one part sim shop management. During the day you run your shop, selling off your hard-earned loot at the town of Rynoka. You can set your own prices and see what sells to maximize your profit.

At night you close shop and venture down into the dungeons. The procedurally generated single-screen rooms are very old-school Zelda-like in design, as is the real-time combat.

The game includes a full crafting system to utilize everything you find. You’ll have to decide whether to use your loot to craft new weapons and items, or sell them for cash at your shop.


In addition to a standard edition, a special Signature Edition will also be available at retail. The Signature Edition includes a glossy poster, double-sided medallion, and a small plushie Jelly.

Moonlighter has been rated E10+ for Fantasy Violence. It’s out May 29 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and coming to Switch later this year.

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