Following very credible rumors, The Pokémon Company has officially announced the newest Pokémon: Zeraora. Zeraora clocks in at number 807 in the National Pokédex.

Zeraora is a Mythical Pokémon, putting it among the ultra rare Pokémon who cannot be found in the games through normal means. Zeraora will be exclusive to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, but cannot be found in-game. The Pokémon Company has not yet announced how to obtain it. It will most likely involve an online giveaway or event.

Zeraora will be featured in the upcoming 21st Pokémon film, which debuts in Japan this summer.

The Thunderclap Pokémon is an Electric-type who resembles a super-charged bi-pedal cat. According to reliable Pokémon site Bulbapedia, Zeraora’s ability is Volt Absorb, turning any electric attacks into hit points.

Its signature move is Plasma Fists, a new move that only Zeraora knows. Plasma Fists deals a ton of damage, then turns any Normal-type moves into Electric-type for the remainder of the turn. Coupled with Volt Absorb, this makes Zeraora particularly effective against Normal-type Pokémon and moves.

Plasma Fists doesn’t exist in Pokémon Sun and Moon, making Zeraora exclusive to Ultra Sun and Moon.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon launched last fall as an expanded, slightly-remixed version of 2016’s Sun and Moon. Its biggest selling point is the ability to catch all Pokémon, including Legendaries, within the two games. Mythic Pokémon like Zeraora still depend on limited download events, however.

Look for more information on how to actually obtain Zeraora in the coming months.

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