Tron-like neon sports game Laser League is coming to Steam Early Access February 8. It’s being developed by Roll7 and published by 505 Games. To celebrate the Early Access launch, Laser League will be available for a 30% discount.

“Laser League is a game built with community and co-op as our number 1 priority; we believe it represents team-based play at its very best, and that sense of teamwork extends to involving our fans in development,” said Neil Ralley, president of 505 Games. “Through our initial beta tests, we have been energized and inspired by the content and feature suggestions the community has shared and we’re looking forward to exploring that input.”

Laser League is a top-down action sports arena featuring up to 4v4 matches in online and local multiplayer. Each arena features moving light walls that can be activated to your team’s color, rendering them deadly to your opponents. Players pick one of six classes, each with special abilities, such as stuns, attacks, and stealing light nodes.

Twelve maps spread out over three futuristic stadiums will be available in Early Access. Here are some examples:

  • Empire Campus Stadium (London, UK)
    • Gauntlet: Restrictive map that quickly escalates in complexity
    • Spin Cycle: Defensive map with perpetual long lasers
  • Geng Hao Megaplex (Tianjin, China)
    • Warzone: Multiple short firing nodes
    • Crusher: Short moving lasers trap players
  • Silvertip Arena (Detroit, USA)
    • Y-Control: Long central orbiting lasers and shorter rotating lasers
    • Prime: Interlocking lasers that allow players to expand control by owning the center of the map

I had a chance to play Laser League at PAX South and it’s shaping up nicely, making our list of 2018 indie games to get excited about.

Laser League will launch via Steam Early Access on Feb. 8. It has a tentative official release window of Q1 2018.

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