Indie developer Laser Guided Games have announced a release date for their unique real time strategy and collectible card game hybrid, Golem Gates. Golem Gates will launch on March 28 on PC, including the new single player campaign. Golem Gates originally launched on Steam Early Access last December.

Golem Gates is an RTS that focuses on tactical warfare through nearly 100 Glyphs (cards). Resource management has been streamlined to keep the action on strategically using your cards to summon units, buildings, traps, and abilities. You’re at the mercy of which cards you draw, making deckbuilding is an integral part of the strategy.

“With Golem Gates, we set out to create a high-concept game that evolves the collectible card game genre by merging its most appealing elements with those of fast-paced real-time strategy games,” said Matt Oelfke, Founder and Lead Developer at Laser Guided Games. “By combining calculated deck building and furious real-time combat, Golem Gates adds multiple layers of depth, while remaining accessible to newcomers and long-standing fans of both genres.”

Golem Gates

Laser Guided Games is made up of former developers from Epic Games (Gears of War). With Golem Gates they’ve collaborated with Hollow Earth Inc, an art studio whose resume includes blockbuster films such as Transformers: The Last Knight and Avengers: Infinity War.

“The world of Golem Gates is a dark and mysterious one, scarred by wars and corrupted by ancient technology,” said Josh Nizzi, Head of Hollow Earth Inc. “Golem Gates’ original premise and mashup of strategy genres make it a standout experience that we can’t wait to continue to build upon with the fan feedback.”

The full version of Golem Gates will include both online multiplayer (both versus and co-op survival) and a single player campaign. The Steam Early Access version has been available since December, and it includes online multiplayer. The Early Access version is currently available for $19.99. When it officially launches on March 28, the price will ‘slightly increase’ (final pricing not yet announced).

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