Nintendo is releasing two major content updates for Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch. The first update drops on Thursday, November 23 and will begin rolling out four new battle stages and other content. The second is coming mid-December and adds an all-new Ranked battle mode.

“These free new additions to Splatoon 2 deliver surprises to fans to keep the fun going,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “This new content significantly expands the game and provides a great value for players, regardless of whether they purchased it on launch day or have it on their holiday gift lists.”

The Thanksgiving Day (U.S.) update will add four battle stages, but they won’t all be available right away. Instead the stages will become available over the coming weeks, beginning with MakoMart on Friday, November 24. MakoMart is a giant superstore, while Shellendorf Institute looks like a museum of natural history. The other two maps are returning from the first Splatoon, Walleneye Warehouse and Arowana Mall.

In addition to the new battle stages, the November update will also add a new Salmon Run stage called Salmonid Smokeyard, which requires the use of teamwork and fan lifts to get across a wide gap in the middle.

Also included are 140 pieces of gear, a mix of new stuff and returning stuff from Splatoon. Four new hairstyles (two male, two female) are being added as well as more of Splatoon’s fantastic music. The level cap will also be raised from 50 to 99, as well as the option to rest your level back to one to obtain a starred number.

The mid-December update adds a new Ranked battle mode called Clam Blitz. Clam Blitz infuses some basketball elements into Splatoon’s gameplay in the form of clams. Clams are scattered throughout a stage. Players can pick them up (the clam follows them when nearby) and throw them into the opponent’s basket to score points. A 10-clam Power Clam must be crafted before the basket’s barrier can be destroyed.

Splatoon 2 released earlier this year for Nintendo Switch.

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