One of the biggest announcements at E3 earlier this year, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, is out today on Nintendo Switch. It’s a tactical strategy RPG developed through a unique collaboration between Nintendo and Ubisoft. You can watch the new launch trailer above.

In Mario + Rabbids you form a party of up to three characters from the mushroom kingdom and Rabbids universes. Mario and friends explore colorful worlds and battle familiar enemies in turn-based, tactical combat that resembles XCOM more than Mario. Two players can tackle co-op challenges together by using the halves of the Joy Con, or with two Pro controllers.

Four tie-in collectible figurines are available from Ubiworkshop. They feature the Rabbids dressed as various Mario characters such as Peach. Note that these are actual figurines, not amiibo.

Three post-launch DLC packs are coming to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. A $20 season pass is available which includes all three. The first is a set of eight pixelated weapons that launched alongside the game today. It’s only available for season pass owners.

The second DLC includes new solo and co-op challenge maps. It’s planned for a fall release. The third DLC won’t arrive until 2018, but it promises new story content. There’s no details on individual pricing, or even if you can purchase the DLC outside of the season pass (DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was only available through the packaged season pass).

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is available now for Nintendo Switch. It’s rated E for Everyone.


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