Overwatch has been relatively quiet since its last event during the Summer Olympics. Rumors of the next hero reveal continue to vex the internet. But the next themed event has arrived, and it’s a doozy. Overwatch Halloween Terror is here for the rest of the month!

“We’re celebrating the spookiest time of the year in true Overwatch fashion – with a brand new seasonal event,” Blizzard wrote in a blog post. “Explore the haunted streets of Hollywood, expand your collection of themed holiday items, and relive a chilling tale in our first-ever PvE brawl: Junkenstein’s Revenge!”

Overwatch Halloween TerrorLike the Olympics event, all loot boxes have been temporarily superseded by the new event. Now you earn glowing jack-o’-lanterns filled with Halloween-themed goodies. These include new icons, sprays, emotes, highlight intros, skins, and victory poses. Over 100 new cosmetic items have been added, and can be purchased with credits.

You have until November 1 when the event ends to earn as much unique loot as as you can. Once earned, they’re yours forever.

Thematic skins and sprays are nice, but what’s really eyebrow raising is a new, purely cooperative mode. Junkenstein’s Revenge is a four-person PvE Brawl based on the story in the Junkenstein digital comic. The Brawl plays out like a survival horde mode as waves of zomnics (zombie robots, naturally) assault Lord Aldersbrunn’s castle.

Overwatch Halloween Terror

Players are limited to four specific heroes that Blizzard has balanced the co-op mode around: Ana, Hanzo, McCree, and Soldier: 76. In addition to zomnics, they’ll need to tussle with the Reaper, Junkenstein’s Monster, and the mad doctor himself – which are all thematic skins for other Overwatch characters.

Overwatch Halloween Terror is live right now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and runs until November 1st.

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