Indie publisher Akupara Games announced that puzzle-RPG Star Vikings Forever is coming to PC (Win, Mac, Linux) and Mobile (iOS, Android) on July 6.

Star Vikings originally released last October on PC. Star Vikings Forever is a revamped version thanks to the partnership between Akupara and developer Rogue Snail. The revamped game will be a free update to existing PC owners, and a new release on mobile devices. New updates include a New Game Plus mode after beating the game, an updated UI for PC, a Restart button for each level, and performance improvements.

Star Vikings is designed to tap into the casual fun of PopCap-style games, such as Plants Vs. Zombies and Peggle. Judging by the art style and trailer, it’s trying to capture the goofy humor of those games as well.

Star Vikings is a puzzle game with square grids full of alien enemies for your space-vikings to attack. Six different viking classes feature their own abilities and stats, and can be equipped with craftable hats. Puzzles are procedurally generated. The campaign features over 8 hours as well as the New Game Plus mode.

Rogue Snail is a one-man development team starring Brazilian indie developer Mark Venturelli. Venturelli is most known from his work at Behold Studios in making Chroma Squad.

Chroma Squad is a pixelated tactical RPG released in 2015 on PC. It was heavily inspired by the old Power Rangers cartoon, and received critical praise for its style and humor. Chroma Squad recently released on Mobile and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles earlier this year.

Star Vikings Forever launches this week, July 6, for PC and mobile devices.


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