If you enjoyed the Stream of Annihilation earlier this month, prepare for more live streaming tabletop RPG goodness. The second annual Roll20CON takes place this weekend, June 24-25.

roll20conRoll20CON celebrates Roll20.net, the free online resource that allows gaming groups to come together online. It supports dice rolls, visual aids, tactical grids, and pretty much every tabletop game system you’ve ever heard of.

During Roll20CON this weekend, any users who schedule and tag their games with “Roll20CON” can enjoy the free use of Dynamic Lighting (normally restricted to paid subscribers).

Roll20CON isn’t a physical convention. Instead it will host day-long marathon live streams on their twitch channel. The streams begin at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern on Saturday, and 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern on Sunday. The scheduled shows will feature many popular streamers and Game Masters, including Roll20CON host Nadja “Tristarae” Otikor (Misscliks) and Roll20’s GM-in-Residence Adam “SkinnyGhost” Koebel (Burning Wheel).

Once again Roll20 has partnered with non-profit charity Cybersmile to support victims of cyber bullying. To support the charity, GMs and players across Roll20 are encouraged to use these techniques this weekend:


  • Rose Colored Glasses – Wear a flashy visual aid to note that you’re watching for bullying.
  • Confuse them with Kindness – Thank your fellow PCs and NPCs for saving people.
  • Friends All Around – Help and support your friends.

You can donate to Cybersmile by going to the Roll20CON page and clicking on the big DONATE button. As a reward for donating during Roll20CON, you’ll receive an exclusive art pack featuring tokens and tiles from the Marketplace that you can use in your Roll20 games.

Roll20CON t-shirt is also available to purchase, with proceeds going to Cybersmile.

Roll20CON kicks off on Saturday, June 24, at 10 am Pacific. It ends at 10 pm Pacific on Sunday, June 25.



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