In recent years Wizards of the Coast have found a huge audience for Dungeons & Dragons in and live streaming. The Penny Arcade D&D group Acquisitions Incorporated draws huge crowds for every PAX event, and the voice actor D&D group Critical Role welcomes over 20,000 viewers on Twitch every week.

Starting today Wizards of the Coast will leverage this exploding audience by hosting a series of D&D streaming groups all day today and tomorrow. The event is called the Stream of Annihilation, and will include multiple new product announcements, including the new storyline for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. It will run on the official D&D twitch channel. The event will be hosted by Anna Prosser Robinson and Kelly Link.

“Throughout the Stream of Annihilation, we’ll drop details on our expanded D&D Twitch programming, new accessories fans have been clamoring for coming later this year, and amazing board games and products from our partners,” states the post. “You’ll hear from Cryptic Studios about plans for Neverwinter, Curse Media for D&D Beyond, as well as WizKids, Gale Force 9, Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, and more. Plus, like any Dungeon Master worth their salt, we have a few exciting surprises to pull from our bags of holding!”

The action begins today at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern. You can see the full schedule here, which has live streaming D&D group events for twelve hours on Friday and Saturday. Invited groups include Girls, Guts, Glory, the Missclicks, Dice, Camera, Action, and one of my new favorites, Acquisitions: Inc: The “C” Team.


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