The next piece of new post-launch content has been added to Overwatch in the form of a new map, Horizon Lunar Colony. The patch is now live for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Horizon Lunar Colony is an Assault map “which was built as a first step toward humanity’s renewed exploration of space,” states the official description. “Horizon Lunar Colony’s goal was to examine the effects of prolonged extraterrestrial habitation on humans and apes alike. The research proved promising, until all contact with the base was suddenly lost. Now, many years later, attacking and defending teams must return to the moon and battle for control of the colony’s facilities – while discovering clues about the fate of its previous inhabitants.”

The Horizon Lunar Colony is the old moon base that baby Winston grew up in, as seen in the first Overwatch character trailer. You’ll be able to visit scenes directly from that trailer, including Winston’s room and the giant telescope room. The map will tell a visual story about apes in space in which things went wrong (as they often do).

Gameplay-wise the map will feature new automatic doors where characters can plan ambushes. You’ll also be able to venture outside onto the moon’s surface and experience low gravity gameplay.

The patch that added Horizon Lunar Colony also included three new character changes. McCree’s Ultimate Deadeye got a buff in lock-on time and damage. Reaper’s passive of grabbing orbs was changed to simply regaining 20% health on attacks. That should make it easier for him to sustain damage before going on a murder-spree.

Roadhog is getting all the attention with a significant nerf. He’s been regarded as one of the more unbalanced, powerful heroes in the current roster. His main gun now does 33% less damage. To compensate his fire rate and clip size have both been increased.

Overwatch has received several new maps and heroes after its launch last year. It recently celebrated its one year anniversary.


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