The Overwatch: Anniversary event officially begins today, and we’ve got details on the new maps and loot being added during the limited event.

Like previous events, all loot boxes will become limited time Anniversary Loot Boxes. Over 100 new rewards can be found, including Overwatch’s largest release of new Legendary skins. New skins include Jazz DJ for Lucio, 50’s Cruiser D.Va, Cyborg: 76, and Dune Buggy Bastion. More new loot additions include 24 voice lines, 25 sprays, and 25 player icons.

The new dance emotes are particularly fantastic. Mercy does the Hustle, Winston does the Twist, Tracer performs the Charleston, and Pharah rocks an air guitar with her rocket launcher.

You’ll receive one free Anniversary Loot Box for logging in during the event, which ends June 12. Loot Boxes can otherwise be earned normally though leveling up and purchase.

The other new feature during Overwatch: Anniversary are three new Arena maps: Necropolis, Castillo, and Black Forest. Arena maps are much smaller and designed for quick, intense matches of 3v3 elimination.

Each map represents a hero’s home base, and themed after a classic Overwatch map. Necropolis is Ana’s hideout in Egypt (Temple of Anubis), Castillo is Sombra’s stomping grounds from Dorado, and Black Forest is home to a field of ruined Bastion forces from around Eichenwalde.

Overwatch released on May 24, 2016 and has been a critical and commercial darling ever since. The online her shooter was enjoyed by millions of players, and that number has grown to 30 million as of April of this year. Overwatch was one of Pixelkin’s Games of the Year in 2016.

The Anniversary event ends June 12.


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