Sony saved the upcoming Spider-Man game for last at their E3 2017 press conference. The superhero game by Insomniac Games is now officially titled “Spider-Man,” and the above gameplay trailer provides the first real look at how it plays.

The demo shows off the stealthy tactics you can employ, from setting up traps to using the environment to take out unsuspecting foes. Spidey is also equipped with numerous melee attacks and ranged attacks with his webs. His Spider Sense helps him dodge attacks in melee combat, which looks very similar to Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham series.

Much of the latter half of the trailer devolves into a series of Quick Time Events centered around a big action sequence with a helicopter. It definitely feels like a superhero action setpiece, but heavy QTE’s are rarely looked at favorably.

The end of the trailer had a very Marvel-like teaser at the end, showing that Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales is also in the game.

Spider-Man was first teased at last year’s E3, and we haven’t seen any of it since.

Spider-Man was previously schedule to release this year, but this trailer was accompanied with a new release date – 2018. It’s also confirmed as an exclusive PlayStation 4 title.


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