Sony had by far the largest time slot devoted to showing VR games at E3 2017. No less than six games are coming to PSVR, which launched last year. Most of these games are newly announced and we know next to nothing about them aside from their enigmatic trailers.

Skyrim VR was previously shown during the Bethesda E3 Event. It looks like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim but with VR controls, including floating weapons.

Star Child looks like a neat 2D side-scrolling platformer. I suspect you don’t actually control the young woman we see in the trailer, but instead the big robot that saves her and holds out its hand.

Monsters of the Deep is the next logical VR spin-off of Final Fantasy XV. Fishing! Hang out with the bros from FFXV and catch some crazy lookin’ fish monsters, all in VR.

The Inpatient looks super creepy. You play as someone headed to a mental asylum and that’s never been a good thing in a video game.

In case you don’t get enough first person military shooters, Bravo Team is here to take you one step further. Both it and The Impatient are being developed by PSVR veteran developers Supermassive Games.

Finally there’s Moss, the most intriguing PSVR title that stars a little mouse in a dangerous world.


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