During yesterday’s EA Play press conference we were given the announcement and teaser trailer for BioWare’s new game, Anthem. Microsoft’s Xbox E3 event expanded on Anthem, giving us a full gameplay sequence as the finale of their event.

Anthem looks shockingly similar to Bungie’s Destiny, from the cooperative gameplay to the random loot and gunplay. Like Destiny you have a safe city where you can grab missions, then go out into the world for adventure. Anthem’s setting of an alien planet looks far more open-world, however.

Each character is outfitted with an exo-suit (called a Javelin) that you can equip and customize. The trailer showed off several powerful attacks, including a mortar burst and an auto-targeting missile launch that looks straight out of an Iron Man film. Movement in the Javelins was very fast. You can also boost-jump and fly through the air.

Destiny was divisive at launch but became a largely successful game for Activision, with several well-received expansion packs. Destiny 2 is arriving this Fall on September 8.

Anthem is scheduled to release in Fall of 2018.


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