At the EA Play press conference at E3 2017, Electronic Arts and DICE announced a new expansion pack to last year’s multiplayer shooter, Battlefield 1. In the Name of the Tsar takes the Great War multiplayer shooter into the Eastern Front.

The expansion pack is launching this September and will include six new maps, the Russian army, new weapons and vehicles, and playable female soldiers inspired by the Women’s Battalion of Death, which I definitely recommend reading up about.

Arriving a bit sooner this summer are new night versions of the French maps Nivelle and Prise de Tahure. Nivelle Nights is coming this June and Prise de Tahure in July.

battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 launched last fall on October 21, 2016 to great critical and commercial success, becoming one of EA’s most played online games. This year’s EA Play press conference showed off how the game resonates with live streamers through a video montage of crazy Battlefield 1 moments.

Battlefield 1’s first DLC expansion, They Shall Not Pass, released earlier this year in March. It added the French army and four new maps.

Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar is due out in September. Exact date and price have not yet been announced.


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