Bethesda is hosting a Free Weekend for Fallout 4. Steam users and Xbox Live Gold Members will be able to download, install, and play the entire game between today, May 25 and Sunday, May 28.

Downloading and playing with mods will be available. The DLC will not be free, however.

As usual with a Free Weekend, Fallout 4 will also be on sale. Steam, Xbox, and even PlayStation will offer savings for Fallout 4 and the DLC Season Pass for up to 67% off.

Fallout 4 launched in 2015 to solid praise and hefty sales in line with most of Bethesda’s big RPGs. Interestingly the court of public (and critical) opinion has since soured. Fallout 4 is often cited as an example of the short and stressful period that reviewers have to try and review giant RPGs. Fallout 4’s star has since dimmed, though it’s far from a bad game.

It has received numerous patches and great mod support since launch. Six DLC expansion packs were released. Three of them mostly just added to the building and town management aspects, and were largely panned. Of the other three, only Far Harbor is considered a solid expansion in a creepy new location.

Exact times for the Free Weekend and discounts differ slightly between Xbox and Steam. The Xbox Free Weekend is available now, and ends May 28 at midnight pacific. Steam’s Fallout 4 Free Weekend starts at 10 am Pacific and ends at 1 pm Pacific on May 28. Steam’s Fallout 4 sale extends a bit further, through May 29 at 10 am Pacific. No details were given on the PlayStation discount.


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