Embers of Mirrim, an action-platformer by Creative Bytes Studios, has finally launched after more than two years in development. Out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, the game embraces a variable style of gameplay rooted in the story.

The player takes control of Mirrim, a fantastical creature that can split itself into entities called Embers. The two Embers, Light and Dark, can move independently of one another in order to solve puzzles and navigate each area. In Mirrim, both Dark and Light unite to fight against the corruption that threatens to overtake the world.

According to Chief Creative Officer Shawn Jackson, Embers of Mirrim was inspired by 80s fantasy movies. Films like Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and The Neverending Story were all inspirations for the game’s premise and visuals. The creators have also made the unique choice of eliminating dialogue from the game. Instead, the story is told through the game design and environment.

As Mirrim journeys through the world, there’s a series of boss fights, puzzles, and classic platforming sequences. Mirrim’s travels take the player to an array of different areas including mountains, forests, and wastelands. Along the way, players can also uncover the secrets that are scattered throughout the lands.

Embers of Mirrim is available for PC download on Steam. Currently, the game is on sale for $17.99. Console gamers can also get the game for PS4 and Xbox One at the same price.

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