Update: Deadly Premonition: The Board Game has reached its funding goal after a little over eight hours. Currently it’s already over 150% funded with more than $85,000 pledged.

Original Story: A 30-day Kickstarter campaign wants to bring a board game based on the 2007 video game Deadly Premonition to life. The campaign seeks a rather modest goal of $50,000. After one day over 1,200 backers have pledged $76,000.

Deadly Premonition: The Board Game is a bluffing and deception social card game where players take on the roles of investigators. Players will solve their own crimes while working to sabotage their fellow investigators. And one of you may be the Raincoat Killer.

This is the first board game developed by video game publisher Rising Star Games. The game is being developed by Daniel Osuna Perez and Samuel Elphick.

“Our vision was to create a compelling, atmospheric game inspired by Deadly Premonition’s delivery of big reveals, plot twists and consequential moments,” said project co-creator Elphick. “The venture started out as an idea between colleagues. With hopeful optimism we put together a proposal for Swery [Hidetaka Suehiro, creator of Deadly Premonition] and he loved it.”

Deadly Premonition: The Board Game is the latest crowdfunding campaign to follow a trend of converting video games to the board game table. Previous video game conversions include XCOM: The Board Game, Defense Grid: The Board Game, and The Witcher Adventure Game. Most of these are large-scale games that include hour-plus run-times and mini-figures.

You can pledge as little as $3 to receive a Steam key for Deadly Premonition. To receive the actual board game you’ll need pledge at least $30. The estimated delivery is December 2017, but as always with Kickstarter release dates, expect delays.


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