Larian Studios revealed the new Game Master Mode for their upcoming RPG sequel, Divinity: Original Sin 2. This mode will allow one player to step into the role of the adventure-creator and enemy tactician, like in Dungeons & Dragons. As with the main game, up to four players can join a session together.

Game masters can use all of Divinity’s pre-built models and tools, as well as modding to build their own new areas. They can present story moments and dialogue choices through a “vignettes” system. Players can choose between multiple responses, and GM’s can have players make dice-rolls just like a tabletop adventure.

Best of all, custom campaigns can be uploaded and shared through Steam workshop – though they will need a live GM to run things behind the scenes.

To show off the new Game Master Mode, Larian Studios will host a live stream event. Fans of the weekly RPG live stream show Critical Role will recognize Matt Mercer as the guest GM, along with streamers Jesse Cox, Dodger, Strippin, and Bikeman. The live stream will begin later today at 4pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern.

As a huge fan of Neverwinter Nights and its sequel over a decade ago, I’ve been yearning for a proper tabletop role-playing experience in video game form. After the disappointment that was the D&D-licensed Sword Coast Legends, I’m ready to try something new with Divinity. It helps that Divinity: Original Sin was my personal Game of the Year back in 2014, a phenomenal retro-inspired but modern-looking tactical RPG.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is currently available via Steam Early Access. Note that Game Master Mode won’t be available until the final game is released. The full release is planned for later this year.


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