Hot on the heels of the v256 update is another big patch for ARK: Survival Evolved. The v257 patch adds even more high-end TEK gear and structures, as well as some UI improvements and more music tracks. Also a giant bee.

New features in v257

  • New Tek Structures
  • New Teak Gear
    • Tek Grenade – sticky grenade
  • Tek Cave
    • The dangerous high-level dungeon of the Tek Cave is located inside the volcano.
  • Ascension – A new mode similar to New Game Plus or Hard Mode that makes the world more difficult. Must have defeated all the bosses and the new Tek Cave dungeon.
  • Full gamepad integration for PC
  • 20+ new explorer notes you can find in the world
  • 15 new music tracks
  • APEX loot for all Alpha creatures
  • Four new creatures (see below)

I’m pretty sure it’s illegal for Studio Wildcard to release any updates without also adding new creatures. V257 brings four new creatures to the island.

ark: survival evolvedApis Lithohermaea is a gigantic prehistoric bee with a deadly stinger. The Queens can lay eggs that will hatch drones. When tamed they will build a nest and can be used to harvest honey. Honey in turn can lure mammals for clever hunters.

Kentrosuarus Aethipicius is a smaller but spikier cousin to the more well-known Stegosaurus. While the spikes prevent anyone from riding it, it’s an extremely formidable combatant, and a useful protector when tamed.

Liopleurodon Magicus looks like a plesiosaur or any number of sharp-toothed aquatic dinosaurs. It has a uniquely odd magical luck aura that bestows better loot gains upon anyone who tames it. It also can’t be kept under control, making it a temporary bonus.

Daedon Comedentis is a prehisotric wart hog, and just as ornery. It has the unique ability to rapidly heal from wounds, and somehow help heal its allies as well.

The v257 update is live now for PC and coming “very, very soon” to consoles.


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