ARK: Survival Evolved is coming up on its second year of Early Access. The latest update, v256, adds a bunch of new content that focuses on powerful end-game content called the TEK Tier. The update is now live for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The update adds in the following Element-powered gear and structures:

  • TEK Underwater Bases – Vacuum sealed structures underwater, complete with air-locks for the entrances.
  • TEK Power Generator – Power your new TEK structures.
  • TEK Teleporter – Expensive, but allows you to move around the island.
  • TEK Mosa Saddle – Equip your Mosasaur with lasers!

To craft the powerful TEK toys and structures you’ll need the new Element resource. This resource can be gathered after successfully completely Boss Arenas. Each Boss now has three difficulty levels, from easy to hard. Defeating a boss will award TEK engrams, Element, and other rewards depending on its difficulty.

ark: survival evolvedAnd it wouldn’t be an ARK update without some new creature additions. Four new beasts enter the island with v256.

  • Equus Magnus – A giant, primeval horse. It’s big enough to carry extra saddlebags and can be used as a mobile crafting station.
  • Leedsicthys Convivumbrosia – The largest fish in the waters. It doesn’t do much good tamed, but can be harvested for its succulent meat.
  • Icthyornis Piscoquus – A seagull. Once tamed it can ride on your shoulders and bring you gifts of fish.
  • Iguanodon Vicissitudinis – Dinosaur similar in size and temperament to the Parasaurolophus.

Other new features of v256 include aquatic creature breeding, a new Lasso weapon, Inventory UI redesign, and mutton chops. Finally!

The dinosaur survival-crafting game has enjoyed a steady stream of updates, patches, and even a paid expansion while in its lengthy Early Access cycle. It is scheduled for release this year.


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