UPDATE (04/28/17): Holospark has reduced the Early Access price to $14.99. If you already purchased it at the original price, you can request a refund through Valve.

Original Story: Indie developer Holospark announced their four player cooperative shooter Earthfall has arrived on Steam Early Access today for $29.99. You can check out the new Early Access launch trailer above.

Today is also Alien Day since LV-426 is the designated code of the planets from the sci-fi films Alien and Aliens. So it’s a pretty good time to shoot some aliens!

In the year 2032 an alien invasion decimates most of Earth. You play as survivors in the waking apocalypse.

The gameplay is heavily based on the Left 4 Dead series which promoted cooperative gunplay through a series of zombie-filled levels. Earthfall features multiplayer support and AI teammates, defensive barricades, multiple alien varieties, and 3D printers for customizing your weapon loadout. For more on Earthfall, read my preview from PAX South.

“We are big fans of co-op shooters and knew that we weren’t the only gamers craving that kind of action,” said Russell Williams, CEO of Holospark. “So we decided to build it ourselves – but at 2017 standards with 4k graphics, new weapons, new defense tactics, and more.”

The current Early Access version includes one campaign, which includes four levels. The final game will have double that with two full campaigns. According to the Early Access page, Earthfall is planning on a long stint of six months to a year before release. That time frame will coincidence with Earthfall launching on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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