The biggest update yet to Blizzard’s online free-to-play MOBA Heroes of the Storm is now live. The update has been called “Heroes of the Storm 2.0” and includes a massive overhaul to the leveling and loot systems. The update also officially adds Overwatch’s Genji and Hanamura.

During the debut of the new Hanamura cinematic (above), D.Va, another hero from Overwatch was also announced as the newest hero coming to Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 adds Overwatch-style loot chests as a new reward for leveling up heroes. Previously the only reward was in-game gold, which could be spent on heroes or a few select skins and mounts. Lots of new loot has been added based on Overwatch’s successful random loot system, including sprays and voice lines. The total level cap has been changed to reflect your total hero level with all heroes (previously it capped at level 40).

Since Heroes of the Storm launched two years ago, Blizzard has released one new hero about once a month, as well as several new maps and dozens of skins. Heroes has seen the addition of ranked seasonal play and weekly brawls. Heroes also has seasonal events, and Blizzard likes to celebrate events throughout each of their games, including Overwatch. The most recent event celebrated the Lunar New Year a few months ago.

The loot chests are awarded retroactively, up to 70 chests depending on your total combined hero levels. So if you’ve ever played Heroes of the Storm in the last two years, log in and claim your free loot!

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