A large, free update blooms today for Planet Coaster. The Spring Update adds new rollercoasters, new rides, Go Karts, a new security feature, and more.

New Rollercoasters

  • Steel Hydra, suspended swinging coaster
  • Trident, a shuttle coaster
  • Bakasura, inverted boomerang coaster 

New Rides

  • Elixir Machine, 360 degree spinning, swinging, twisting ride
  • Big Wheel, a big Ferris Wheel
  • ZoZo, a long-armed classic

New Track Ride

  • Go Karts, design your own tracks using the track editor

Planet Coaster

New Features

  • Crime and Security. Pickpockets and unhappy guests will disrupt your other guests and vandalize scenery. You’ll need security staff and CCTV cameras to combat this new threat.
  • Dueling coasters. Up to five rollercoasters can be synced up together to duel it out.
  • Ride prestige. A new system that lets you rebrand older rides to give them a boost, shown on a new Ride Reputation timeline.
  • New building components. Over 150 new pieces, including animatronics and security fences.
  • Bigger Blueprints. blueprints have been doubled, allowing for up to 4,000 pieces.
  • Three new scenarios. “Cheif Beef’s Raceway,” “Oak Island,” and “Downtown.”

The Spring Update also includes the usual bug fixes and upgrades, including UI improvements and browser and search options. Click here for the full patch notes.

Frontier Developments is calling the Spring Update the second major expansion since the Winter Update last December. Both additions have been completely free. Planet Coaster was already a great game, and I’ve been very impressed with the level of post-game support by Frontier.

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