ARK: Survival Evolved has gotten a new update on Steam, and the patch comes with a bunch of additional content. One of the patch’s standout features is a major overhaul of the game’s Inventory UI. Complaints over the clunkiness of the inventory have led the developers to redesign its looks and streamline organization.

The game’s TEK Tier of items and structures is also rolling out with a new underwater base and power generator, among other things. All of the TEK Tier content has a futuristic, science fiction feel to it that is perfect for the advanced player looking to bask in their glory. Players can craft TEK gear by defeating bosses, earning the Element resource, and then using the TEK Replicator to make the items they desire.

Finally, Patch v256 comes with four new creatures to help round out the diverse world. Equus Magnus is a larger ancestor of the modern horse and can be tamed and ridden as one. Players can also attach saddlebags to their steeds so that they can research and craft on the go. Leedsichthys Conviviumbrosia is a massive fish with valuable meat that fetches a hefty price. This “Prime Meat” is the reason the creature has become known as the “Prime Fish.” Ichthyornis Piscoquus is similar to a seagull, but they can act as helpful allies to their tamers. Once tamed, these creatures will bring their masters a fresh delivery of fish several times a day. Last but not least is Iguanodon Vicissitudinis, an herbivorous dinosaur with spike-like thumbs. The creature uses these thumbs to harvest fruit, making it a valuable field hand for the farming type.

To celebrate the new patch, ARK: Survival Evolved is on sale now for 67% off the retail price. Any new players interested in checking out the game can head over to Steam to get started on their dinosaur adventure.

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