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After the minor letdown of the third episode of Batman: The Telltale Series, I felt the latest installment had a lot to do to redeem itself.  I needed to be impressed with not only the plot twists and turns, but also with how much control and agency I felt I had over the course of Batman’s experiences. Luckily, Guardian of Gotham did just that.

The Story

After stumbling slightly in New World Order, the main themes of BATMAN: The Telltale Series seem to be back in line. I didn’t feel like I was being encouraged by to go in any specific direction, and choices again seemed as though they held weight.

Since New World Order revealed some key information to players (and to Batman) Guardian of Gotham didn’t have to face the struggle of tracking multiple subplots without giving anything away. With more information out in the open, the various plotlines could be followed more smoothly, with less jumping back and forth.




Episode 4 sees the introduction of a fan favorite character, which may come as a complete surprise or, alternatively, none at all. Bringing in new characters (especially popular ones) in the middle of a series can often feel forced or distract from the story that has been taking place so far. However, in this case it seemed more like a natural aside that added intrigue but didn’t pull attention away from everything else. Do I want to learn more about the character that was just brought into the series? Of course! But I am still invested in the current story that Telltale is giving me.

Another thing I appreciated about Guardian of Gotham was the little moments where I got to choose what kind of person Batman or Bruce Wayne was. Obviously there were big important decisions of this kind, too, but I liked the chance to guide Batman in ways that clearly didn’t matter hugely to the overarching plot. Little side comments and conversations help to give depth to the character and to the series as a whole.

The Gameplay

To my delight, this episode spent more time on dialogue and investigating crime scenes than the previous episode did, and less time on quick time events. Though none of the detective work really puts forth a challenge, linking the pieces together and then seeing Batman paint the whole picture is still a satisfying experience.

The Rating

Guardian of Gotham is rated M and contains many of the same things as the other episodes. The list includes violence, blood and gore, language, and use of drugs. However, I felt that this episode definitely kicked the gore up a notch with a particularly nasty crime scene.

The Takeaway

I finished my playthrough of this episode with renewed enthusiasm for this series’ take on Gotham and the Dark Knight. All the different plots are beginning to feel like they’re coming together in a positive, cohesive way. I’m looking forward to see how it wraps up in the final episode. Of course, there are a few things that I’m hoping won’t be all wrapped up neatly in episode 5, but we will just have to wait and see.

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