It’s been the game controversy of the year. No Man’s Sky had a huge hype train behind it, but failed to deliver what most were expecting, triggering a flood of internet hate and even an investigation into false advertising. But Hello Games has released an update and it’s big.

The “Foundation Update” adds some new game modes as well as smaller things like new resources. Here’s a quick list of everything that’s included. You can get the full patch notes on the official website.

  • Creative Mode: “allows players to explore the universe without limits, and build a huge base”
  • Survival Mode: “really changes the game, creating a much more challenging endurance experience”
  • Base Building
  • Farming
  • Camps
  • Freighters
  • New Resources
  • New Craftable Items
  • UI and Other Visual Upgrades

This update seems to include a lot of things gamers were expecting to be in the game at launch. Hello Games says they named the update “Foundation” because it is the “foundation of things to come.” So it seems like we’re getting the full game in pieces rather than all at once. Thankfully, all of the updates are free.


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