No new games were announced during Blizzard Entertainment’s annual BlizzCon festival last weekend. Instead Blizzard finally revealed their worst kept secret: Sombra.

Overwatch’s newest hero has been teased, hinted at, and datamined to death over the last few months. Her official reveal came paired with one of Blizzard’s trademark cinematic videos (above), which shows the new hero in action along with Reaper and Widowmaker.

Sombra is an Offense class and considered an advanced hero to play. She’s an expert hacker and infiltrator, shutting down enemy abilities while boosting her own. Her ultimate is an EMP that destroys enemy shields and shuts down foes in a large radius. Her translocator is a mix of Symmetra’s portal and Tracer’s recall. It lets her instantly return to the beacon’s location for hit and run tactics.

Sombra is the second post-launch hero to join the Overwatch cast, following the Support sniper Ana last July.

For more of Sombra’s backstory, you can watch this official animated short. Sombra has recently been added to the Public Test Realm on PC.

Also being added to Overwatch is the Arcade mode, which the former Brawl mode is now a part of. The Arcade mode features several unique game modes, including multiple people playing the same character – which is being phased out of Quick Play. A new arena map called Ecopoint: Antarctica has also been added to the PTR. Each week will give you the chance to earn a loot box by playing three matches within the Arcade.

No news yet on when these major changes will go live on the full game on PC and consoles.

The other big Overwatch news is the addition of its own esports league, which you can read more about here.

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