As teased last week, a new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda has debuted today to celebrate N7 Day.

The trailer re-introduces us to Bioware’s epic sci-fi world, with a twist. Instead of a highly trained N7 operative, you’re a Pathfinder. You and your crew spent hundreds of years in cryo-sleep, journeying across galaxies to find a new home. Things don’t exactly go according to plan. Your ship crash lands on a hostile planet. This time, you’re the alien.

The trailer focuses on action scenes taken from real gameplay footage. Mass Effect: Andromeda will use the Frostbite engine, an upgrade from the previous trilogy. Frostbite is most commonly seen in the Battlefield series and features in-game destruction and environmental weathering.

The official Mass Effect website has also been updated with new information. You can view a timeline of humanity’s progress in space exploration, though it stops with the formation of the Andromeda Initiative. The Andromeda Initiative begins around the same as the first three Mass Effect games, but thanks to the cryo-sleep, the new game takes place hundreds of years in the future.

Also on the website, a new training video explains the Andromeda Initiative. Details include the number of ships and Pathfinder ratio. The Andromeda Initiative is also tied into the new game’s social media promotion, including a chance to sign up and earn in-game loot.

No specific release date was given other than Spring 2017, though the date may have been leaked earlier. Expect more Mass Effect: Andromeda details to emerge later today, and in the coming weeks.

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