Nintendo and Game Freak punctuate the steady reveal of Pokémon Sun and Moon trailers with the final evolved forms of the three Starter Pokémon. Even the music in the trailer is far more epic.

Rowlet’s final form is Decidueye. The cute owl becomes a moody Grass/Ghost Type, with feathers and wings that resemble a hooded cloak. It has the new move Spirit Shackle, which prevents enemy Pokémon from switching out.

pokémon sun and moon

Litten beefs up to become the monstrous Incineroar. Incineroar is a Fire/Dark type. Its unique move is Darkest Lariat, an attack that ignores any buffs on enemy Pokémon.

Popplio becomes Primarina. The Water/Fairy Pokémon now resembles a mermaid. Its move Sparkling Aria can heal Burn effects.

The lengthy trailer also introduces the Guardian Pokémon. Each of the four islands that make up the Alola Region have a Guardian. Each Guardian is part Fairy type and has an outer shell they emerge from. The Guardians also have unique Z-Moves. When activated, they close their shells and become the heads to large force-creature things.

pokémon sun and moonWe were previously introduced to Tapu Koko in the very first trailer. Tapu Koko is the Electric/Fairy of Melemele Island.

Akala Island has Tapu Lele. It’s a Psychic/Fairy Type that looks like a little girl in an egg. Or maybe a nesting doll. Ula’ula Island is home to Tapu Bulu, a beefy Grass/Fairy that looks like a Genie coming out of a bottle. Tapu Fini can be found in Poni Island. It’s the Water/Fairy Guardian with a feminine shape inside an open shell.

Finally we got a few more Pokémon reveals. Cosmog is a Psychic ball of stars, and Alolan Persian is the evolved form of Alolan Meowth, both Dark type. If you don’t mind spoilers, you can totally see the entire Pokédex thanks to some intrepid fans armed with the demo.

Our first bit of post-game information comes with the Battle Tree. Alolan Champions can team up with important NPCs and leaders from the main game to take on challenging battles.

The final reveal in the trailer is a real treat to long-time Pokémon fans. Original hero and villain Red and Blue are in Sun and Moon, with their full roster of Gen 1 Pokémon ready to battle! Red is still rocking his Silent Protagonist persona, of course.

Pokémon Sun and Moon releases on November 18. You can download the demo via the Nintendo eShop right now.

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