We’re a month away from the next Pokémon game, and new Pokémon reveals continue at a steady pace. The newest Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer is a bit light on exciting new information compared to previous trailers. But, we do learn about several new evolutions.

pokémon sun and moonThe more we learn about Type: Null, the more I’m convinced it plays a major role in the story. Type: Null evolves into Silvally. The description hints that it may take a close bond with its trainer to evolve. The Synthetic Pokémon has a unique Ability called RKS System. Its Move Multi-Attack and coloring change depending on which item it’s holding.

Eagle-eyed fans have already noted that “RKS” translates to Arceus, the mythical Pokémon who may have created the entire universe.

pokémon sun and moonWe’re treated to both of Jangmo-o’s evolved forms. Hakamo-o gains the never-before-seen Dragon/Fighting Type. Kommo-o is a regal looking dragon. It has the Changing Scales, lowering defense for a strong attack.


pokémon sun and moonThe fruity Bounsweet evolves into Steenee and later, Tsareena. Tsareena gains Trop Kick, lowering opponents’ attacks. Her Queenly Majesty Ability prevents her foes from using higher priority moves. No one moves before the Queen!


pokémon sun and moonRibombee is the adorable next form of Cutiefly. Their Pollen Puffs are used in the Alolan economy as salves, as well as in combat to cause various effects.


pokémon sun and moonGrimer and Muk are the newest Gen 1 Pokémon to be given the Alolan remix. They gain the Dark Type on top of their original Poison. Alolan Grimer gains a shade of green. Alolan Muk appears as a shifting kaleidoscope of colored sludge and poisonous crystals.

Make poison pretty again!

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