Amidst all the huge Red Dead Redemption 2 news this week is the release of the sixth game in the venerable Civilization franchise. The official launch trailer was released this week, showing off the talents of Sean Bean and Christopher Tin. To further kick off the launch, the developers at Firaxis Games will be live streaming an eight-player AI cage match. They’re calling it the Civilization VI AI Battle Royale.

“Which Civ has the honor of being called the greatest?” asks the news post. “Join us LIVE on Wednesday, October 19 at 3:30p ET/12:30p PT as we pit eight of history’s greatest rulers against each other in an entirely AI-controlled game of Civilization VI.”

The eight civs are a mix of European, Asian, and American. They are: Aztecs, Brazil, England, Greece, Japan, Rome, Russia, and Spain.

The developers will provide live commentary to explain what’s going on. Since this will be live and controlled by the AI – anything can happen. This should make for an interesting look at Civ 6’s gameplay as well as how the AI functions and interacts. The announcement doesn’t mention what difficulty or map settings will be used.

The All-AI Battle Royales are a popular form of “playing” Civ. It’s become an intriguing way to tell emergent stories, like watching a wargame unfold before your eyes. Popular Battle Royales include pitting dozens of Civs on a real-world map, just for funzies.

For more on Civilization VI, watch the How to Play Civilization VI video series and the First Look Videos, which highlight each playable Civ. Civilization VI releases this Friday, October 21 for PC.

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