As announced last June, the formerly PC-exclusive XCOM 2 has finally arrived on consoles this week. It was given a small delay from the beginning of this month to the end. Console players have been patiently waiting for the turn-based tactical sequel since its initial launch on PC in February.

In addition to the regular version, a Digital Deluxe Edition is also available for $75. It contains all three post-launch DLC Packs:

  • Anarchy’s Children – A bunch of extra outfits and skins to further customize your squad
  • Alien Hunters – Adds powerful new boss-like enemies called Rulers throughout the campaign, as well as a new mission
  • Shen’s Last Gift – A new soldier class with unique weapons and features, as well as a new story-driven mission

When XCOM 2 was first announced last year, many expressed disappointment that the former multi-platform series would arrive as a PC-exclusive sequel. Developer Firaxis had stated that XCOM 2 was an ambitious title and the relatively small team felt most comfortable with PC.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was a huge critical and commercial success that revitalized the old 90s series. With great success comes… eventual multiplatform releases.

XCOM 2’s console port was handled by The Workshop. Early reports and reviews are giving a thumbs up to the port, with the caveat that a few of the quirky bugs and wonky camera angles have found their way onto consoles. Note that the console version lacks Steam’s built-in mod support.

I reviewed XCOM 2 earlier this year, calling it “a phenomenal sequel” and “a dream come true for turn-based strategy fans.” If you’re jumping in for the first time, we also have a collection of quick tips to help you against the alien occupation. Good luck, Commander.

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