As of today, fans can check out the new Dragon Quest Builders demo for the upcoming game. Available for download on the PlayStation Store, the demo gives players a taste of the game’s introductory chapter and Minecraft-inspired gameplay. Dragon Quest Builder’s focus on exploration, crafting, and monster-battling is on full display for players to test out before they can get their hands on the full game.

Dragon Quest Builders is the latest installment in the Dragon Quest series of role-playing games. Builders diverges from the usual formula, keeping the sandbox world while downplaying the story in favor of a fully-realized crafting system. In terms of plot, the game adopts an alternate ending to the original Dragon Quest game and deals with the grim aftereffects. The world of Alefgard has been seized by the Dragonlord and is overrun by monsters. Its up to the new hero to drive them out while rebuilding the ruined land.

Builders is set to release on October 11 for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Fans can pre-order a special edition of the game for exclusive bonus content that will be available upon release. In the meantime, a new trailer for Dragon Quest Builders has dropped today and can be viewed here.

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