Square Enix opened this year’s Tokyo Game Show with a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV. The English subtitled trailer is over four minutes long and dives deeper into the story and world of FFXV.

The trailer focuses on the inciting incident that kicks off the game’s main story. SPOILERS, I guess, though it’s been revealed repeatedly in the game’s marketing.

While Noctis and his buddies are out on a mission, their kingdom is attacked by former allies. His father the King is slain. Noctis must wrestle with despair and revenge while leaning on the support of his best friend bodyguards.

The trailer shows a lot more of Luna, Noctis’ fiancee, as well introducing a purple-haired rogue named Ardyn Izunia.

Of course since it’s a Final Fantasy game it also includes a healthy dose of giant monsters, flying airships, and riding chocobos. The winged serpent Leviathan is seen in several scenes, and we get our first glimpse of the icy Shiva summon.

The narrative-focused trailer really shows off the wide variety of transportation that you can travel in, including trains, boats, chocobos, and the Regalia – your own personal car that can apparently turn into an airplane. Nice.

For more FFXV, you can check out the animated prequel film Kingsglaive. The Final Fantasy XV: Deluxe Edition comes with Kingsglaive on Blu-Ray, along with an art book and some DLC skins and weapons.

Sony have also announced a new PS4 Slim Bundle, which includes the Deluxe Edition along with a uniquely decorated console. This FFXV Limited Edition Console will be sold exclusively at GameStop.

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Final Fantasy XV releases on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s been rated T for Teen by the ESRB.


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