Most puzzle games are just that. They’re fun and great standing on their own. She Remembered Caterpillars is different. It adds in a story on top of the game and the result is interesting.

The core gameplay in She Remembered Caterpillars is color-based puzzle solving. There platforms with colored bridges and gates. You control little creatures with colored heads. The goal is to get all of the creatures on the platform to a white leaf. Doing, so makes the creatures lift into the air. Then it’s on to the next level. The basic rules are that creatures can only cross bridges of their color, but not gates. An interesting twist is that you can combine your creatures to turn them into a different color and then separate them once you can get the right spot. The combined creature takes on the properties of each single creature it contains. For example a combined creature can cross any colored bridge, but not gates. The video above shows this in action.

Between levels you get a snippet of a story that seems to be between a parent and his or her child. I was a bit confused by the combination. On their own the two elements are both interesting, but when put together don’t make a ton of sense. I was only able to try out a few levels, so maybe that will change later in the game.

The puzzles in this game are really fun and ramp up in difficulty at a good pace, letting you learn simple solutions before gradually stepping up to the more complex solutions.

She Remembered Caterpillars is slated for release on PC later this year.

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