A new trailer was released this morning for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Three new Pokémon were revealed, along with a host of new features found in the upcoming seventh generation of Pokémon games.

pokémon sun and moonThe first new Pokémon reveal is Type: Null. It appears to be a creepy Frankenstein-esque compilation, with a heavy battle mask. It’s a Normal type known as the Synthetic Pokémon, and has a nifty attack animation involving lasers. I’m guessing there may only be one of these you’ll find in your journey in the Alola Region.


pokémon sun and moonThen there’s adorable baby dragon Jangmo-o. These scaly warriors are proud and fierce, and no doubt evolve into some kind of awesome big dragon thing.


pokémon sun and moonNintendo also confirmed that Rattata’s evolution, Raticate, will also receive an Alolan form. Like its predecessor this version is a Dark/Normal typing, with pinchable chubby cheeks. Unlike most rats, these connoisseurs eat high quality food. A powerful Alolan Raticate is the Totem Pokémon at the Verdant Cavern trial in Pokémon Moon. Pokémon Sun players will face a Gumshoos instead.

The Aether Foundation is introduced as a benevolent faction that works to protect all Pokémon. They apparently have some pretty good resources, having their own artificial island called Aether Paradise. Aether Paradise will be one of the stops during your journey in the Alolan Region. Pokémon are sheltered and cared for, along with some research projects. Type: Null being introduced at the same time may not be a coincidence.

Some of Aether’s research is tied to new creatures called Ultra Beasts. These rival the powers of many previous legendary Pokémon. The trailer briefly shows one, code-named UB-01, who resembles a jellyfish.

In addition to having their own (as yet unrevealed) exclusive, Pokémon, Sun and Moon have another major difference. They’re set 12 hours apart! Pokémon Sun will line up with the real-world clock, while Moon will be the opposite. Playing side-by-side will result in one player always playing at night, which is an interesting twist. Previous versions had a few Pokémon that could only be caught at certain times of day or night.

pokémon sun and moon

Possibly the most exciting new feature is the Poké Finder. Pokémon Snap was one of the most beloved Pokémon games of all time, and finally we’re getting the chance to take pictures again in Sun and Moon. Like the scenic picture spots in X/Y, certain areas will allow you to use the camera to snap pics of Pokémon in the area. Pictures will be scored and you can unlock new camera features. Who cares about being the very best trainer when you can take pictures of Pokémon all day?

Pokémon Sun and Moon is coming November 18 for Nintendo 3DS.

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