Lots of RPGs give you the chance to craft lots of things, including weapons, armor, and potions. In many of these games, you can’t do anything unless you have the “recipe.” Potions: A Curious Tale isn’t like that. You can experiment to your heart’s desire and use them a variety of places outside of traditional combat.

The story for Potions is pretty basic. You play as a young witch who is just coming in to her powers. Something has gone awry in the forest where she lives, and she must set off on a quest to find answers and save the land.

Where Potions gets a bit more original is that there are lots and lots of ingredients you can find on your quest. You find the recipe for some potions, but you have the option to throw the ingredients you’ve found into a cauldron in any way and discover a potion you might not have learned before.

Another cool aspect of Potions is that combat isn’t always the answer when coming up against foes in the world. You can use a potion to scare off some enemies or use others to calm or tame them. It’s a fun twist on the standard RPG formula.

Potions: A Curious Tale is slated for release on PC next year.

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