Mobius Final Fantasy, an RPG for mobile devices, has reached 3 million downloads worldwide. The game was released outside of Japan last month and has so far proven to be a commercial success. Square Enix already considered Mobius a win since it’s the first mobile game to have AAA-level graphics.
The announcement comes right alongside the news of a big update for the game. For starters, Mobius Final Fantasy is getting a cooperative multiplayer mode on September 8th. Players will be able to form a party with up to three others to battle giant enemies. Square Enix is also adding a new area called The Silent Ruins. In the ruins, players can learn more pieces of the story while also enhancing their cards.

Finally, the game will be getting several new types of cards to expand the player experience. The samurai, assassin, and red mage job cards along with 15 new ability cards will be added to the game soon. Plus, starting September 8th, players can also acquire limited-edition “Legend” cards. These cards will feature characters from Final Fantasy Record Keeper, so be sure to grab them before October 7th!

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