The new Phoenix Wright game finally has a release date. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Spirit of Justice drops on September 8th for the Nintendo 3DS. A trailer has also been released which previews the game’s cast of characters and their unique abilities.

In addition to the full-length release, Capcom also announced that a demo for Spirit of Justice will be available on August 25th. In the demo, players will get the chance to step into the shoes of Phoenix Wright during the game’s first courtroom scene. Players can also test out a new feature of the game called Divination Séances. Performing a Divination Séance allows players to glimpse the final moments of a victim’s life so that they may untangle the mystery of how the victim died.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Spirit of Justice continues the series’ tradition of courtroom drama mixed with investigation. Players must uncover and utilize evidence to make their case and successfully defend it in court. Spirit of Justice welcomes back a character from the first Ace Attorney: Ema Skye, a forensic investigator. Ema returns to help Phoenix’s understudies, Apollo and Athena, with a case that involves Phoenix’s daughter, Trucy Wright. Trucy is under suspicion after her co-performer, Mr. Reus, died during one of their magic shows. It’s up to Apollo, Athena, and Ema to discover the truth and hopefully clear Trucy’s name.

Spirit of Justice will cost $29.99 USD on release for digital purchase. The demo can be downloaded for free through the Nintendo eShop starting August 25th.

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