Another trailer has emerged for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Along with several new Pokémon reveals, we also see more Alola variants of classic Pokémon. Finally we get our first look at Pokémon Sun and Moon’s villainous organization, Team Skull.

Team Skull feels like a slight step down compared to former world-conquering evil factions. This group of teenage street punks annoy and terrorize the people of the Alola Islands. They are lead by Guzma, who looks like an 80s hip hop version of Doc Brown from Back to the Future.

Three new Pokémon native to the Alola Region were revealed, including a small fish with a unique battle form.

pokemon sun and moonWishiwashi is a small Water type fish that seems pretty weak. But during battle a threatened Wishiwashi can gather dozens of allies to form a giant submarine-like creature – made out of tiny fish! Changing form mid-battle is a rarity among Pokémon. Summoning allies to form a giant super unit is pretty darn spiffy.


pokemon sun and moonPyukumuku is the Sea Cucumber Pokémon, and yet another Water type. Apparently it features “fist-like inner organs” which it uses to defend itself when it washes on shores and beaches. Its Innards Out Ability lets it deal one final blow – reflecting the damage done to it when it faints. This could be quite the game-changer as one-hit knockouts suddenly become deadly for the attacking Pokémon!


pokemon sun and moonMorelull looks like a small group of mushrooms. This Grass/Fairy Type is called the Illuminating Pokémon. Its Illuminate ability can help find wild Pokémon more often. For battling you’re better off with Effect Spores, which can cause Poison, Sleep, or Paralysis on an opponent using a physical attack.

Part of Pokémon Sun and Moon’s new gimmick is remixing older Generation 1 Pokémon into new forms and types. In the new trailer three new Alola Natives were revealed.

A new Dark type Mewoth has dialed up the sass. The always cool skull-helmet Marowak becomes even cooler with a new Fire/Ghost form and a twirling fire-bone upgrade. Finally Raichu’s Alola Form knows how to party, using its tail as a surfboard and enjoying a new Electric/Fairy typing.

pokemon sun and moon

See our full breakdown for more information on Pokémon Sun and Moon. The game releases on November 18.

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