The games industry inches toward better diversity. Sometimes an entire step is made. Non-profit organization Open Gaming Alliance have collaborated with Unity Technologies. They are launching a new program aimed at supporting women in the games industry.

Women in Software and Entertainment Representation (WISER) is a women’s speakers bureau. It will act as a resource database where women professionals can register to be speakers, guests, and hosts. Professionals are encouraged to register from a wide range of fields in the games industry. These include production, programming, marketing, and management. The goal is to encourage women to become visible as speakers and experts in their field. WISER will also provide companies and events a place to find a wide range of women speakers.

“We believe having a wide range of experiences and voices does more to help business excel,” said Wanda Meloni, executive director of the OGA. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Unity as one of OGA’s corporate members to bring this great resource to fruition.”

Last May Unity began launching their own initiative to promote women’s careers in the games industry. A series of workshops titled “Women in Gaming,” have been scheduled throughout the year. These workshops provide networking and discuss important topics in the industry.

“We’re passionate about encouraging women’s participating in the broader gaming community, of which events and conferences are a vital part,” said Elizabeth Brown, Chief People Officer at Unity Technologies. “By making it easier for qualified women to contribute to the conversation, we can ensure their voices are heard and contributions recognized while continuing to lay the groundwork for the next generation of professionals to come.”

The WISER Speaker Registration Form is available at the OGA website. Access to the database is limited to OGA approval.

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