Some new unconfirmed details about the Nintendo NX have surfaced. According to Eurogamer, who cites multiple sources, the new system will be a portable machine with two controllers that can be detached allowing the console to hook up to a television.

Speculation about what the console will actually be has been flying around for nearly a year. After all, it’s always hard to predict exactly what Nintendo will do, as they’ve parted ways with the normal console approach of Sony and Microsoft. I’m not sure most of us were expecting this, though. Eurogamer has a drawing of the new console in their story. It’s hard to determine the actual size of the entire console. Though, with two controllers on the sides, it’s likely it will be at least the size of a standard iPad.

The report from Eurogamer also says the system will be cartridge-based and is not likely to be backwards compatible. We can assume, though, that digital downloads will be an option, meaning at least some older games will be playable on the device.

Of course none of this information has been confirmed by Nintendo. We’ll know all the details when the company officially unveils the console in September.

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